Swami Madhavnath Bodh Prasarak Center (SMBPC), USA

With Pujaniya Swamiji’s grace and blessings, USA Conference Kendras started in year 2006. Since then, USA based Sadhaka families get together on phone conference on Sunday evenings. While living overseas, these kendras provide a great opportunity to stay connected to Pujaniya Swamiji, Aa. Dadas and local USA based Sadhakas.

Anyone living or visiting Americas who is interested to join the conference kendra, can send an email with their name / email / address / phone number to Abhijit Brahme (apbrahme@gmail.com) and Manjiri Bhindwale (manjiribhindwale@gmail.com). They will contact the respective Sadhak to include in the USA Kendra email distribution list, provide details to join the conference kendras and local contacts for joining the regional kendras as well.

Below is brief information of monthly USA conference kendras:

  • 3rd Sunday Kendra – This Kendra is conducted on every 3rd Sunday of the month at 8 PM Eastern time during Winter months (November to March) and 9 PM Eastern time during Summer months (March to October). The program includes nirupan, manogat, chintan, bhajan, parisamwad and margadarshan. Pujaniya Swamiji and Aa. Dadas join this Kendra from Pune and guide the sadhakas.

  • 1st Sunday Kendra – This Kendra is conducted at 8 PM Eastern time on each 1st Sunday of the month. Duration is about 45 mins. Various activities like Gita Pathan, Madhyawarti Sankalp Chintan, Bhajan and Sadgranth Wachan, Naamsmaran are practiced by the sadhaks.

  • 5th Sunday Kendra – This is Anushangik Sadhana Kendra and is conducted at 8 PM Eastern time in a month that has 5 Sundays. Pujaniya Swamiji’s Anusghangik Sadhana audio clip is played on the conference.

  • In addition to the Kendras mentioned above, Baal and Yuwa Kendras are conducted on 2nd Sunday of the month. Regional kendras, where local Sadhaka families in close proximity meet together, are also conducted in California, Chicago, New Jersey and Dallas.