Swami Madhavnath


One who is vigilant in materialistic world, only he can lead a spiritual life.

Swami Makrandnath


For a person, Material world and Spiritual world are not different but should be two sides of the same coin. Saints preach, one must achieve in our life both material prosperity and spiritual fulfillment simultaneously. One who adopts this path of self realization while acquiring material achievement is a great soul.

Who is True Sadhak?

  • One who performs all his duties with love, vigour and self-lessly and treat every work as service to God
  • One who perform every work, relating to own family, society, country and the whole nature, as service to Him
  • One who believes in Sadguru and his sayings, and behaves with love and compassion with everyone around him
  • One who is performing Sadhana for God Realization
  • One who is Un-attached while performing all his duties