• To propagate the pure spiritual and cultural heritage of India as taught in the Bhagavad Gita.
  • To bring about the spiritual uplift of the individual so that he/she may attain Self-realization.
  • To promote higher levels of life and consciousness in all individuals even while they may be performing their worldly duties; without discriminating on the lines of religion, caste, nationality, class or sex.
  • To mould every individual spiritual aspirant so that in due course a section of society will be formed which will live up to spiritual ideals, preserve moral and humanitarian values, and though small in size, influence the rest of society.
  • To run centres, organize discourses, meditation sessions and camps, publish books, audio and video cassettes in order to accomplish the above mentioned objectives.
  • In addition to the implementation of these objectives, the Swami Madhavnath Bodh Prasarak Mandal / Centre uses some of its funds for the following purposes:To grant aid or interest-free loans for expenditure on education and medical purposes to the regular and deserving spiritual aspirants of the Centre who may be in need of such aid.